Kenyon College

Founded in 1824, Kenyon College is the oldest private college in Ohio. The music department teaches courses in reading and composition, the performance of music (public and private), the history and sociology of music, and music theory. Students majoring in music acquire expertise in all these areas of music; non-majors, in one or more areas. The student who graduates with a major in music will be prepared for a career in music and all other students will gain music experiences that prepare them for an enriched life.

Kenyon’s music facilities are superb. Storer Hall features a large electronic classroom equipped with 23 student work stations, each of which includes a Korg synthesizer and music notation, music sequencing, and ear-training software. Piano keyboards are available for student composing and music theory projects, and a recording studio allows advanced MIDI, audio, and video work. A 130-seat recital hall is in almost constant use.

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Spring 2019 Low Brass Lessons Syllabus

Spring 2019 Brass Chamber Music Syllabus