Local vs Global – Which is Better?

Recently, I have been pondering how to make the most of my life. What can I really offer society? How can my life make the most impact in our world? These questions and others have prodded me for a few years since moving to rural Ohio. If you know me from Last Row Music, you know that I created a website that lists brass auditions from all over the world. If you know me from church or my physical community, you know that I am currently a Student Minister of a church with about 300 people. Both outlets are making an impact within their own community. LRM is visited by 10K people a month and has over 1,300 followers on Facebook. I also teach online lessons to students all over the country. As Student Minister, I have a personal influence on at least 25-30 teenagers.

Both have their purpose.

But which one is better?

In reading Chris Guillebeau’s newest book, Born for This, I came across a section where he discusses this idea of Local vs Global. While the entire book is a must read for someone looking to receive actionable steps in fulfilling a better life, this short sidestory caught my interest because well… it’s me. Chris gives the example of Derek Sivers, founder of CDBaby, always being on the go and meeting with people across the world. However, due to his travels, he was losing time working on the business of building a multi-million dollar company. In Siver’s words, you have to choose global or local. While there is not one right or wrong choice, it really is a matter of preference.

And I have to agree with him.

Even though it is necessary to have periodic physical interactions with people, if you are finding that you can influence a global community, then do that. For Guillebeau’s life, he leans more towards a global influence, probably because he has seen the world – all 193 countries! Therefore, he has found his most fullfillment on a global scale while still connecting with people day-to-day. Again, there is no wrong way but trying to juggle both –  50/50 – could lead to burnout and very minimal impact.

While this thought stuck out the most for me, Guillebeau’s book really has other crucial elements in helping someone figure out deciding what you are meant to do. Through stories and case studies, this book will show you ways to find your true purpose in life. Although he does not say to drop your current job entirely, he does advocate for the opportunity to work on a “side hustle.” For some people, it is in a side job where a person finds true joy that leads to do what they were meant to do. Once a person finds that joy, then it may require an escape from the routine of a day job in order to do something you are more passionate about.

This book is probably the only book in which I own in three formats (ebook, Audible, physical). All for a good reason. It is an important book to read for anyone. I have been a follower of Guillebeau’s writing for a few years now, and each time I read a story or a snippet from his blog, it inspires me. But if you listen to his podcast, you will hear him say:

Inspiration is good, but inspiration combined with action is so much better.

What side are you?
Do you find that you have more local or global impact?

I would love for you to share your comments below!

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