Pray for One


If you look at the recent posts from this challenge of My 500 Words, many of the developing routines involve an actual “do.” All of these habits certainly have caused me to pause at what I’m doing and read a book or learn some new German words, but today’s post causes me to literally do nothing physical except stop, bow my head, and close my eyes.

I have been a Christian my entire life. In what is becoming a post-Christian society, there seems to be a lot of baggage with the word “Christian.” I used to think I needed an exact answer for a question such as “What kind of Christian are you?” The truth of the matter is that my only label is “A Follower of Christ.” I don’t call myself a _________, _________, _________ Christian. It’s too many labels that leads to more disconnect rather than unity, and I think slightly different than others. Even though the teachings of Jesus have developed this thought, many books including this one have made me realize that I need to stay off the sidelines and actually be in the game of being a Christ-follower.

That being said, I do believe that prayer is a vital part of my relationship with the heavenly Father. In my life today, I have many different relationships with different people. My wife is my number one priority on earth, and that relationship must be developed every single day. I have been told by Christians and non-Christians that COMMUNICATION is the key to a long-lasting marriage. Just as in a marriage where communication is a two lane road so is my relationship with the Father. He speaks to me therefore I must speak to Him.

The problem is I am not good at speaking to him. You may be thinking, “Oh, Jeremy, you are better at this than you think. You’re just saying that.” No really, I know me, and I know when I talk to God. Sometimes it is only for my dinner with my wife. Other times there could be days in between.

“But Jeremy, you are a Youth Pastor. Don’t you get paid to pray?”

One would think that, maybe, but really I don’t. My prayer life was better when I have been surrounded by like-minded people in that “Christian bubble” called college. But in the real world, where prayer actually may be more of a necessity, my conversations with God have been lacking. At times, I would think that I needed to spend 5 to 10 to 20 minutes praying to God and just talking to him when really that one person’s name could be the only thing necessary at the time. This is because as mentioned earlier, communication is a two-way street – maybe I need to listen to Him as well.

So I have placed in my daily routine four simple words.

Pray For One Person

It may be a middle schooler in my youth group.
It may be a teenager at the high school who doesn’t even know me.
It may be a former teacher who is not a believer.
It may be a musician who had a recent gig with me.
It may be a brother.
It may be a future President.
It may be a current President.

The beauty of prayer is that it never needs to stop and for whom matters just as much as to Whom.

Yes, I “talk to God” in my heart throughout the day, asking for guidance and direction, but this simple act of stopping life and praying for one person will strengthen my relationship with the Father as well as ask Him to move in the life of that person. And it will cause me to listen to Him.

Would you like prayer for something in your life?

You can comment below with as much or as little details as you would like.


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