Read One Page


The title of this post may baffle you a little bit.

Read One Page

Of what? Jeremy, you already are instantly saving articles to read at a later time. What else are you trying to do? Reading one page is not hard at all.

I know the title is a little vague, but allow me to explain. I like books, and I own a lot of them (at least, according to my wife). I believe you can never own enough books. I could spend an entire day in a local bookshop or one of the four to five Half Price Books in the Columbus area. Usually, I walk out of a HPB with at least one book, and it doesn’t help that I get an educator’s discount. The problem with BBC (book buying compulsion) is that my eyes are bigger than my reading consuming appetite. I usually buy a book because I have heard about it, I like the author, it is on a fascinating topic or the title captured my attention.

My book collection is quite random everything from golf psychology to Civil War history to alternative Christianity to biographies about jazz trombonists. And that is just the physical books! When I bought my first iPad back in 2011 (yes, I was “late” to the party), I swore I would not read an ebook. I wanted to be true to the flipping pages of books.

Yea that didn’t last long…

Needless to say, in my pursuit of endless learning, I quickly jump from book to book without ever finishing one in a normal period of time. Even though my book jumping slows me down, I have caught on to audiobooks mainly due to Audible and Overdrive – two resources that I have effectively used to listen to books at double speed. Since 2014, I have started to keep track of my completed books, and each year, I have double my amount of completed books.

Some may say that I am cheating since I am not flipping pages when I use audiobooks, but for me, I have been able to retain much more information from audiobooks. To each his own, though.

Even though, I listen to audiobooks and read news articles, I am going to tackle a big goal for 2017 page by page. I am going to read one page of a physical or ebook that I currently own. My goal is to finish all of my books (more than 100) in 2017. This does not include reference books or textbooks, but everything from Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book on Golf to The Wilderness Warrior  will be completed by the end of 2017. Each day, I hope to read at least one page from a book. Most likely, I will read more than one page because of how engaging a book can be, and so far, I have been doing this for the last two weeks.

Again, with all of this reading via Instapaper and books, I am wanting to soak in as much knowledge as possible, by diminishing the use of social media. This is where reading apps are going to be of much use in this endeavor.

Are there any books you would recommend I read? Do you prefer physical books over eBooks or vice versa?

I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below!


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