People under the age of 30 don’t really talk about this subject. More and more today you are seeing commercials for adults to start planning now for their retirements and college funds because that next chapter will creep up quicker than you think. Young people when they graduate from high school are being told you need to go to college, get a job, start a family, work for 20-30 years, put your kids through college, and then, maybe then, you can buy that Winnebago and go glamping at state parks across the country. By the time I’m 65 or so, this will happen right?

Not necessarily. What is happening is people are finding out that work doesn’t have to be this 60-70 hours-a-week job that you have to suffer through for a quarter of your life. Work is actually something that you can do for a few hours a week so the you can spend more time enjoying what you love. By living a simpler life, we can actually have more. Less is more and could be better. Similar to what I wrote about yesterday, everyday in an Evernote file, I type out my Retirement goal which says –

I want to “retire” when I’m 40 years old. I want to be financially self-sustaining by the time I turn 40 so I can have freedom to enjoy living and experience life.
Discipline = Freedom

You might be saying, “Wait?! You want to retire in 12 years?! That’s insane! How are you possibly going to do that…and why?!”

I know, I know. It sounds insane, but let me break it down for you. Let’s say I die when I’m 98 years old, and let’s suppose the average retirement happens at 65 years old. That means only one third of my life would be actually for freedom and living life. Since the first third of my life was for educating myself that would mean the second third of life was for working and then the last third would be reaping the benefits of work. My thought is – Why would my life need to be only a one third of freedom living life? Why can’t I spend half or even more of my life being “retired.”

Believe me, I know this is unconventional thinking, but go back and look at the second part of my retirement statement: “I want to be financially self-sustaining by the time I turn 40…” That phrase really means that I want to get to a point of where I am making enough money to live freely to where I can randomly take a day off and essentially be my own boss. Does this mean I will quit music and ministry in 12 years? No, both of these passions will always be a part of my life, but I believe I can get to a point where these passions are allowing me financial freedom from anyone else.

“Jeremy – you can’t be serious. This doesn’t make any sense.”

There are many people living today who have said they are “retired” from the corporate world, and they are living a life of self-sustainment. One reason why I want to do is the fact that when I start a family I want to be there in the home with my wife. Society is beginning to see a shift from stay-at-home moms to stay-at-home parents. The man is now taking more time off work and businesses are starting to offer paternity leave for dads with newborns. This in turn is allowing us to see stronger close-knit families because both the mom AND dad are raising their children.

A second reason for wanting to retire at 40 is because I want to travel the world. We live in a big world. I mean a really big, big world. I have had the opportunity to travel across the entire country, live in six different states, and tour countries in Asia. The fact is I have only touch a minute part of the iceberg. I want to travel the world to learn more about creation, learn more about culture, which in turn will allow me learn more about myself.

You may be thinking well if you want to travel the world, you better be making and saving a ton of money NOW. The truth is those living in the U.S. are considered some of the richest people in the world. Go to this website and type in your salary, and I bet you are in the top 1-3% richest people in the world. What this shows me is that I have a lot, and can proably travel the globe for a small amount of money. This guy visited visited every single country in the world in 10 years. People are realizing that an exquisite vacation for an entire week actually can cost less than your monthly mortgage. AirBnB has been taking off for good reason because a warm cozy home is much cheaper than five-star hotel.

All of this thinking is certainly a mind shift, and is dependent on how you view life and work. While some people may enjoy sitting at a desk for 20 years and pushing papers, others may love traveling in a Volkswagen bus seeing the coastlines. It’s a thought process that I am still dealing, and honestly, have not made public until now. My wife and I talk all the time about how small we are in this world. Scripture even tells us how we are a vapor in this world. That is why we want to retire as soon as possible so we can see much of this world. The impact it has on us will allow us to have an impact on others.

I hope this somewhat makes sense. You will see more of this mindset if you continue to read blog. As I said before, it is not normalthinking. Retirement is just a chapter in life, and maybe, just maybe, that chapter can come a lot sooner in life so I can create other chapters.

Am I crazy? or Do you think the same way?
I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.


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