I Am

I am a musician, writer, and minister. Discipline = Freedom

As stated in my previous post, I have a list of Daily Habits that I strive to do each and every day. Today is highlighting my personal statement – something I write down with pen and paper every day.

Yesterday was a fail mainly because, well, I didn’t write a post. As a youth minister, Sundays are the busiest days for me simply because I “working” from morning until night with activities. So the 31 straight days of writing did not happen but I am going to still do 31 posts of 500 or more words.

As you have read before on the blog, I am a big fan of Jeff Goins’s writing as well as his podcast, The Portfolio Life. I recently read his book You Are Writer to continue to my learning on how to become a better writer. Early on his book he talks about how the first step in becoming a writer is you have to tell yourself you are a writer. Literally. If you can’t convince yourself, who else are you going to convince.

When I read that, I put the book down and wrote in a notebook that phrase above, “I am a musician, writer, and minister. Discipline = Freedom.” I began writing this every day. Even if I’ve missed a day, I don’t try to catch up. I will write the date then this sentence. For me, it is a reminder of what I do – a reminder of who I am. If each day I can do something that makes myself better as a musician, a writer, and a minister, then my day was a success. For some reason, the physical act of writing this statement with pen and paper helps gather my focus of my purpose and helps with whatever may come my way for the day.

Do you write a similar “I am” statement? What do you do to daily remind yourself who you are? I would love to hear with your comments below.

(For those who are counting, you may notice this post is shorter than 500 words. This is due to the fact that I also wrote a post on another blog that I run for our Student Ministry. You can find that post here.)


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