The Daily Habit

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am partaking in a 31-Day challenge of writing at least 500 words a day. This being the second day, I wanted to write about other habits that I am trying to instill in my life. You may ask, “Why now and not January 1st?” My thought is if I can start the habit today why put it off until tomorrow. In my opinion, it seems odd to me to have this build up of “I am going to do this or do that, but I’m not going to start until January 1st.” Plus, if I can get through some of the busiest two weeks of the year (Christmas and New Years) I should be okay with other weeks.

Each day is a new day. There are more new days than there are new years.

So here is a list of some new (and old) habits that I am going to try to instill into my life starting, well yesterday. Below will be the list, but for each day, I am going to write about the How’s and Why’s over the course of the next few days.

1. Write My Personal Statement
2. Write My Retirement Goal
3. Spend Five Minutes Learning German
4. Read One Instapaper Article
5. Read One Page of a Book
6. Read One Magazine Article
7. Pray for One Person
8. Play a Musical Instrument for 20 Minutes
9. Write 500 Words
10. Floss
11. Do 10 Pushups and Situps

That’s it. I don’t want go into much detail for each habit in this post. Some of these may be no-brainers (floss – really?). Other habits might baffle you such as “Write My Retirement Goal” (I’m only 28 years old). All in all, these are 11 things that I want to get better at in my life. There are some things that may puzzle you that are not on this list such as brushing my teeth, or reading Scripture daily, or giving my wife a kiss telling her that I love her. These and other habits are already apart of who I am as human being. While I am not complacent with these “old” habits, my life already revolves around these and other habits.

Why a daily habit? Why create so many different routines? A book I am currently reading by former Navy Seal Mark Divine, talks about the “Five Mountains” that we face a humans: (1) Physical (2) Mental (3) Emotional (4) Intuition and (5) Spiritual. Each of the habits listed above involve one of these five mountains. By working through these habits and I hope to develop a routine that really will allow me more freedom in life as well as be beneficial to others.

Many of these tasks seem so simple and easy, and honestly yes, they are if you were to do them right this moment. But with the things that life can throw at you, it may not be so simple. For instance, last night right before I went to bed, my wife heard “raining.” When she looked in the basement she noticed that water was spewing out of a pipe. Fortunately, our basement is unfinished and was not flooding, but this little incident in life threw off my Saturday morning routine. Before this happened, I was so excited to check off more of these habits. But rather than writing this in the morning, I am now writing this post in the late afternoon (FYI: With a quick trip to the hardware store and a knowledgeable father-in-law, new fittings were placed to connect some pipes, and things are back to normal).

What are your thoughts about these habits? Do they seem easy? Are they ridiculous? Do you have similar daily habits? I would love to hear your feedback in the comments section below.


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