7 Podcasts That I Currently Listen To


Note: This was originally posted on my other site, Last Row Music, but I decided to switch site locations since the podcasts topics are more than just associated with music. 

I have listened to podcasts for quite a few years, and it is something that will continue for a long time. Podcasts, to me, are the radio stations for our current society. As there are many radio stations throughout the world, there are thousands more podcasts. These free resources are some of the most valuable items given to a listener and they truly allow us to be selective in what we hear. Many of the podcasts I listen to were found through books, blogs, recommendations from colleagues, and even just random searchings. Some of the podcasts are about music, business while others discuss writing and general well-being. This list could obviously change but as of September 2016 here is what I subscribe to via podcast:


  • The Entrepreneurial Musician – I first heard about Andrew Hitz when he was a member of the Boston Brass. He has left the group since then and has many different avenues that all involve music. This is becoming one of my favorite podcasts as he interviews a wide variety of people involved in music. Probably my favorite podcast so far has been the one with 27-year old Lauren Pierce, a bass player from Austin, Texas.
  • The Brass Junkies – Andrew Hitz and Lance LaDuke have started a great thing. They literally talk with some of the greatest brass players in the world today, and you really found out why brass players really enjoy being well…brass players. Be prepared to chuckle at times!



  • The Side Hustle Show – My wife, also a podcast listener, introduced me to this podcast that interviews people who are striving to make a living with a side hustle (part-time job) such as blogging, teaching online lessons, or even selling items on eBay and Amazon FBA.


  • The Unbeatable Mind – The host, Mark Divine, was a former Navy Seal and frequently talks to people about the mental, physical, emotional, intuitive and kokoro (heart) ways of developing ourselves. I am currently reading his book The Way of the Seal and it is excellent for anyone wanting to develop leadership skills. Many of the principles discussed are beneficial to musicians.


  • Youth Ministry Answers – Part of my own portfolio lifestyle includes being a Student Pastor at a local church. Before November 2015, I had ZERO paid experience in ministry and two degrees in music. Therefore, I am learning on the go and the people from StuffYouCanUse.org host a top-notch podcast that allows me to “get educated” on how to run a Youth Ministry program.

Other Podcasts that are on my “Every Now and Then” list:

  1. Entrepreneur on Fire – One of the first podcasts I started listening to.
  2. Smart Passive Income – I heard about Pat Flynn from the EoF podcast.
  3. The Art of Manliness – Topics that interest men in becoming a better man.
  4. Divergent Paths with Dan Dunford – A colleague I have known since grade school who lives in NYC and interviews musicians seeking ways to find unconventional paths in music.

As mentioned before, there are many podcasts out there.
What are some of your favorite podcasts?
Comment below or email me.

I would love to hear what you listen to!


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