I loved playing sports in high school. Being 6’5″ I stood out and played basketball for my school all throughout middle school and high school. (My mom even made me a shirt that said on the front, “6’5″” and on the back said, “Yes, I play basketball”) I played baseball for a few years just because I love the game. I have always been a huge fan of college sports. There is something about watching college players give it all they have to come out on top. Whether it be NCAA Division I men’s basketball or NAIA girls soccer (Go Grace!), it is all heart.

Behind every good team is a great coach. When I was in 5th and 6th grade, our HS varsity coach would take me aside at summer open gym, and we would work on the fundamentals of the game. Free throws, rebounding, post-moves, defense, etc. Those fundamentals that he drilled into me at a young age stuck with me throughout high school, college intramural ball, and even today. The effort he as well as other coaches gave me during high school is what kept me motivated to play the game of basketball.

I have always been fascinated with the correlation between athletics and music. Whether it be practicing, performing, mental toughness, discipline, there are many similarities to athletic performance and music performance. Music teachers are coaches. Basketball coaches are teachers. Each coach/teacher/mentor has a knack and desire to make the student better. There are great coaches out there that talk about what it takes to get to the next level:

John Wooden (UCLA basketball)
Dean Smith (UNC basketball)
Nick Saban (Alabama football)
“Bear” Bryant (Alabama football)
Jim Tressel (Ohio State football)
Bob Rotella (Golf psychology)

All of these coaches and many more are successful because of what they strive to ingrain into their players. As college sports start back up this fall, I will plan to highlight some coaches that talk about success and discipline both on and off the field and/or court. First off is Nick Saban, head football coach of the University of Alabama Crimson Tide. Saban has had great success with numerous teams on the collegiate level. Four national championships, four SEC championships, numerous Coach of the Year awards, among many other accolades. Even with all of this success, he is still striving to teach and inspire his players. I leave you with this quote referring to discipline.

Discipline is….

Doing the right thing…

The right way….

At the right time…


Until next time.



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