MWF Week 1 Recap

Hello All,

We have started our 2nd week for the Masterworks Festival and it has already been quite good. I was in the festival orchestra for the first week and got to perform Mozart’s Overture to Magic Flute (for the first time) and Dvorak’s 7th Symphony. Dvorak’s Seventh is quite a great symphony with opportunities to make your presence known but also able to have great sounding chords at a medium dynamic level. Sitting principal was a real treat as well.

The past week also was highlighted by getting a few lessons with Amanda Davidson. And Wow! She is the real deal! Very detailed about excerpts, she has a huge sound. It is impressive (and embarrassing at times) how much effort she uses to take in a breath. For being on the shorter side, it put me, a very tall man, to shame. If I use that same effort, the results could be much better!

This second week will be no disappointment either continuing with lessons and coachings. Also, a friend here encouraged me to take an audition this week for the Principal Trombone position with the Northwest Indiana Symphony. I will tell of the results once that occurs.

As for now, back to sitting through Schumann 2!

Micah 6:8


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